Migraine Attack

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Sep 7, 2018 05:31
Independent of my daily schedule, if a migraine attack develops all plans will crumble. It happened many times with me. However, over time I've learned to predict a migraine developing. For instance, If I don't sleep at all or don't sleep enough, I could be for a hundred percent sure that the migraine attack will develop. There is no chance to avoid it. So, in such case, I can cancel meetings and other important plans in advance. There is a medication that effectively stops the migraine attacks. However, this drug has one awful side effect: with frequent use, it causes an analgesic-induced headache. It means that the frequency of the migraine attacks increases simultaneously with the frequency of the usage of the drug. It's a vicious circle. The only way is to start preventive treatment aimed at reducing the migraine attacks. During this treatment, it is better to refrain from taking anti-migraine analgesics. It is really hard to endure this pain.