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May 24, 2019 01:06
One of the things that I really enjoy in the Finnish scientific community especially in comparison with the Russian community is regular scientific events. It is a great possibility to communicate and collaborate with colleagues from different labs and research groups and exchange ideas and scientific results in an informal setting. I work here a bit more than half a year but I've already attended several scientific events in my Institute. I met there my colleagues from other labs who work in the same field that I work in using the same methods but on other model objects. So, obviously, it was useful and interesting. Moreover, in each event, there are free food and drinks served, including some Finnish drinks. Tomorrow will be two events in my Institute, the first one is Scientific Symposium with several lections from several main research fields of our Institute and then, there will be "spring party" just after the Symposium. I'm going to attend some lections and the party as well, hope it will be funny and useful.
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