English Is The Global Language.

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Oct 20, 2018 02:23
"English is now considered to be a global language. Do you think the advantages of the spread of English as a global language outweigh its disadvantages?"

During the current epoch of the globalization, it seems to be obvious that mankind needs to have an international and common-known language and this language is English now. It strikes me that it makes an international communication convenient and fruitful. I want to prove it by the analyzing of the features of English and the economic issues.

Firstly, English is really logical language. Thus, the words in sentences should be placed in tune with the strong logic while in Russian, for example, there is not the rule about the order of words and it can change the meaning of the sentence. According to these, English is one of the most convenient languages for the collaboration of people from different cultures.

Secondly, no meter if we like it or not the USA has one of the most powerful economies in the world. For instance, the main office of the Apple is placed in the USA while the production of the Apple computers and other miscellaneous is in Asia. It means that the different countries’ companies and workers should be able to communicate and collaborate with the USA’s companies.

To sum up, the nature of the English as well as the economic power of the countries which citizens talk English, support the idea that English is the international language by fair. However due to the globalization mankind will have more than one international languages, for example, Chinese, or even mix of several languages.