A Minister with an Additional Chromosome

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Nov 19, 2018 18:58
It has been a while since my last post, so I would like to write something interesting. Russian officials have established an online voting for renamings of airports after some figures of history and culture. They expected that people would have voted for well-known and hackneyed names like Alexander Pushkin, Georgy Zhukov, Alexander Suvorov etc. All these names are not harmful to modern Russia and they are used in the state propaganda as figures that built the statehood of modern Russia. An additional good thing about these people is that they are not controversial regarding their perception by Russian society. You cannot find many people who hate or contrary worship them. Unfortunately for the Russian officials, there were at least two unexpected cases of extremely controversial candidates in Omsk and Murmansk. In Murmansk, people voted for Nicholas II, who is an eligible person for modern Russia, but at least half of Russians hate him and call him “tsar-rag”.
In Omsk, People voted for a musician Yegor Letov who was born there. This is funny because his famous song says “everything flies into …..”. He is also an ineligible person for the Russian statehood since he was totally against it. He was an anarchist during the Soviet times, which was not a good idea then. After the fall of the USSR, he became a communist, which was also a bad idea during that time. Considering all these facts, the Minister of Culture Vladimir Medinsky has refused to rename the Omsk’s airport after Letov. He suggested that it is a bad practice to rename objects after living rock musician. Unfortunately, Letov has been dead since 2008. Well, that stupid statement is expected from Vladimir Medinsky. He is well-known as a Minister with 47 chromosomes since his speech about resourcefulness of Russian people and the fact that it stems from an auxiliary chromosome in Russians.