Sports played in New Zealand in 2002

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Jan 21, 2019 21:04
I clearly understand that reading and correcting the description of a picture is not interesting at all, but I have to practice my description skill, so I would like to report another one graph again, which is acceptable in the following link:

The graph depicts the percentage of girls and boys played the most common sports in New Zealand in 2002. Obviously, according to the picture, neither sports were popular among both the girls and the boys simultaneously and the presence of the girls and the boys is unequal in almost all sports that illustrated on the picture.

The most popular sport among the girls is netball and the less popular is cricket. The most popular sport among the boys, in its turn, is soccer and the less popular is netball, indeed. We can see only two sports that were preferred by an almost equal percentage of the boys and the girls, and these were tennis and basketball. However, the percentage of the boys who preferred these sports a bit bigger than the percentage of the girls who also preferred these sports. Interestingly, athletics and swimming were more popular among the girls while marital arts and other sports were much more popular among the boys.

Based on the presence of the girls in netball and swimming and the fact that all other sports were preferred mostly by the boys, I can hypothesize that the girls who played some sports more likely chose netball and swimming while the boys chose different sports to play in.