Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? A zoo has no useful purpose.

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Nov 7, 2018 02:52
The world has been seeing a process of urbanization, so at present, people are more distant from nature than ever. However, being a part of nature we still enjoy it by picking mushrooms, listening to chattering birds, camping etc. Unfortunately, a hectic way of life hampers, so that we are allowed to have only a few days off, which can be spent on these activities. Zoos, parks, and botanical gardens offer us a possibility to go into nature without leaving a city. However, when it comes to zoos, we face some ethic issues, because animals are kept in cages often too small for a healthy life.
In my opinion, despite great advances in husbandry, we still cannot ensure a healthy and happy life for captured animals. I believe that a bear or tiger is happier in a place where it belongs – wild nature. If I were in a position to decide, I would let all animals free to their native places. Though it is not possible for all species, because we have destroyed their environment, so there is not enough space for them outside cages. In the happiest cases, a zoo can be an ark. In the very beginning of the twentieth century, the population of European bison was completely devastated so that only twelve animals were left in zoos. Fortunately, they were able to give a rise of the new wild population. Now, we can find these overwhelming animals in a number of forests in Eastern Europe. I hope that humanity will become wiser and return some farmlands back to the wild, so they will be able to harbor many currently endangered species.