Best Russian movies

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Aug 21, 2018 20:09
Best Russian movies

I heard that there is a distorted view of Russian movies abroad. An educated person abroad could hear something about Tarkovsky or Eisenstein, and that is almost all. Maybe some people heard about a Leviathan movie directed by Andrey Zvyagintsev, but only because it was nominated for an Oscar. But frankly speaking, most of the educated people in Russia (at least among my acquaintances) have never seen Tarkovsky and Eisenstein or even Zvyagintsev movies. Well, I diligently struggled through several Tarkovsky and Zvyagintsev works. In my opinion, they are really convoluted and boring. Watching Tarkovsky is like reading some big classic but boring book: you feel that the author was a very clever guy and maybe you are not smart enough to understand him. On the other hand, after watching the Zvyagintsev’s movies I felt that the director is a complacent but not really talented person, and his works are overvalued by the Oscar Academy because they contain a lot of stereotypes about Russia. I am not saying that these stereotypes are not true, but when you see such kind of things almost every day, you want to watch this kind of stuff filmed in a more interesting way.

Three of my favorite Russian movies are the first part of Demobbed (ДМБ), Dead Man's Bluff (Жмурки) and Cargo 200 (Груз 200). All of them were filmed after the fall of the Soviet Union. Demobbed and Dead Man's Bluff are good comedies, but at the same time, they are very truthful. Demobbed is about three novices in the army. Dead Man's Bluff is about bandits from the 90's, at the end of the movie they became deputies in the State Duma. It is highly plausible in Russia :)

Cargo 200 is a brutal movie telling the story that happened in a provincial town at the Perestroika times. Many Russians could say that the movie is so cruel that it was implausible to happen. But when you have an experience with our policemen the movie situation seems to be highly possible.
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