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Sep 27, 2018 02:50
People usually like to tell about their hobbies. So, I would like to present a short text on that. I used to collect post marks, maybe because my father collected them. Usually, you pick some thematic marks that can be combined in thematic albums. I collected marks with dinosaurs and mushrooms. The most valuable marks are those which have no post stumps on them. However, I have stopped collecting them; I must have been bored by that or something like that. My second hobby is cacti growing. I have been growing them not longer than five years. I like cacti because I have read books by Karlos Kastaneda. He was an anthropologist from the USA studying the ethnic usage of medical plants by Native Americans. Though, the whole study ended up in him using hallucinogenic cacti and mushrooms under the supervision of one shaman, called Don Huan. Finally, Karlos has given up his academic career and started publishing books about Native American ethnic rituals and magic. The books are super interesting to read, it is a perplexing mix of philosophy, hallucinogenic trips, and Harry Potter. So, I would say they are ones of my favorite books. I also heard that Karlos has built some kind of sect, but this is another story.
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