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May 14, 2019 15:51
The recent occurrence hurled the big Russian city, Yekaterinburg, into turmoil. Russian officials and the Orthodox Church started building a new church on the park territory. According to Russian laws, such projects are illegal because it involves fencing inside a public space and tree cuttings in a green area. Putin’s Russia has a notorious tradition of such new churches in parks. They are ironically called гундяевки after the head of the Russian Orthodox Church. His family name, Gundyayev, sounds really stupid for Russian ears. Гундосить is an offensive analog for the word snuffle or to speak through the nose. Russian officials would like to draw upon the religion to subdue the masses and comfort aged people, whom they are constantly robbing. However, simultaneously lots of locals find these illegal actions irritating and offensive. So this time, it created an acute discontent among them and triggered local unrest. People went to the building site and organized a meeting to prevent the infringement of their rights. In turn, unknown authorities summoned some brutal people uniformly dressed in black t-shorts to protect the site. From the very beginning, the police were simply watching without interfering. Later a black t-short guy threw a tear-gas spray container into the crowd and finally, the police started detaining, though only the meeting people and not the black t-short guys.