New Courtyard Mates

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Jul 29, 2019 21:37
One morning, I glanced on the courtyard of our building outside of my window and witnessed a peculiar incident. A big hare happened to be there and it came across a crow. Unexpectedly, the hare started to chase the crow as if it has hunted the poor bird. Well, I thought that the hare must have rabies but the real reason for such behavior revealed itself in the evening. That time, I was observing the hare on the lawn grazing on the same spot for a while. Suddenly, leverets showed themselves leaving bushes close to the big hare. Thus, the big hare appeared to be their mother and when she drove away the crown she simply defended her offspring. It has been a while since then and now these leverets are running from place to place in our courtyard, which means that they have not been eaten by crows!
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