A Murder in Saint-Petersburg

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Nov 17, 2019 19:21
In the last week, turmoil erupted on the Russian-speaking internet and in academia. Oleg Sokolov, a Russian historian working on Napoleon Bonaparte was dragged out of the Moyka, a small river in Saint-Petersburg. He was drunk and got hypothermia from cold water but more importantly that he had a backpack with cut off female hands. A bit later, the police found her head and leftovers of her body locked in a room of his apartment. Her head allowed to identify her. She was a former student of Oleg Sokolov and simultaneously his wife in law. Being a Napoleon admire, Sokolov declared that after getting rid of her remnants he would have jumped from the spire of the Peter and Paul Fortress in the uniform of Napoleon. This and other peculiarities of this murder created an enormous amount of black humor on the internet. A few years ago, another student and wife in law of Sokolov hurled an accusation to him that he bound her to a chair, severely beat, and tortured by a hot iron. However, that case didn’t reach the court thanks to the aid of his influential friends and Russian corruption. If he had been held accountable for torturing his previous student, this murder would not have happened.
Sokolov is famous in circles of popular science audience. There are many of his videos on YouTube featuring Napoleon. I listened to only one of them several months ago. He grew an impression on me of an excited and hysterical person so it was hard to listen to him.