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Nov 28, 2019 01:18
I have just watched a new Joker movie with Joaquin Phoenix as Joker. The movie is good although I find stupid the super-heroic concept per se. Usually, superhero characters are imbalanced so it is boring for me to follow the storyline, but this movie lacks superheroes. I have also watched the Batman movie with Heath Ledger playing Joker, "The Dark Knight". That movie was so dreary that I was not able to retell the milestones of the plot right after watching it. However, the Joker character with all his radical anarchist rhetoric was interesting. According to some movie-critics, both these movies reflect the political agenda of the USA relevant at that time. The Dark Knight was produced after the September 11 attacks, when the USA saw the infringements of individual rights such as wiretapping, torture of suspects, access to personal data for special services, etc. As I understood, the main message of that movie was to legitimize the use of these notorious things by the government. Unexpectedly, Heath Ledger’s antagonist character, which resorted to criminal actions and even murders, was approved by the much more broad audience than Batman from the same storyline. I doubt that it was the intention of the director, maybe Heath Ledger’s charisma turned the scales in Joker’s favor.
Judging by the last Joker movie, the new ferment is working among the Americans. Now, Joker played by Joaquin Phoenix is a victim of social insecurity and created by that mental problems. On the other hand, Thomas Wayne, Batman’s father, is a source of these social problems. He acts like a Russian oligarch. Since he and people alike are true slime-bags, the movie excuses their homicide.
Both movies contain the same idea which must be unintentionally incorporated into the script in order to make it more believable. The only language the ruling class understands is the language of violence. This is an old idea, but many people do not take it seriously. 
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