Global warming

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Jan 1, 2020 02:11
I'm not a climatologist and I'm not going to claim anything regarding climate change except my own observations.

I've just realized it is already 31 of December. It would not be possible to hypothesize it based on the weather in Helsinki. It is comparatively warm, there still are green herb around. It is funny and odd to see hares whose fur has already turned to winter white-colored fur running on this green herb and thinking they are invisible on it. I found the Helsinki weather statistic data for the past 10 years. According to these data, the average temperature in December 2009 was -5 °C, in January 2010 it was -13 °C, while the average temperature in December 2018 was -2 °C, in January 2010 it was -6 °C. For sure fluctuation from year to year can be bigger than this difference and it is impossible to conclude the exact speed and trend of the Earth climate change based on the weather of a certain town but just to illustrate something scientists have already concluded.

It seems to me that apparently there is the same trend in my home town. I used to love New Year's Eve when I was a child, so I remember normal weather in my home town at this part of the year 15-20 years ago. It was always cold (from -15 °C to -35 °C) and extremely snowy. I remember my sister and I dressed with tones of clothes always run to the city center that was in 5 minutes walking from our home to ride the huge ice slides and play in the snow during the winter holidays. Current weather in my home town so differs from what I used to see when I was a child. It is only -8°C there today. Moreover, there was a ski base in my home town where I used to train in a ski school for children. There was always enough snow there even in the middle of December, so there wasn't need in snow cannon to cover all ski slopes with the snow to open them for skiing. However, I know that for many last years it is not true anymore. I also remember when I was there several years ago in January, almost all ski slopes were closed because there wasn't enough snow there and skiing was unsafe.

Anyway, again, I'm not a climatologist and I don't even think climate change works so straight. It is just my observation as a person who really fond of winter and snow.