Caffeine-free coffee

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Jul 24, 2019 18:36
I have mentioned many times in my previous entries my migraine attacks. The disease requires many limitations in my life. For example, I have to follow a healthy sleep-wake regime, I can't drink an alcohol a lot, I can't stand hot weather, I can't drink coffee with caffeine a lot, etc. This is not so difficult to follow the requirements, but I really fond of coffee and I enjoy so much by drinking a morning cup of coffee during breakfast. Moreover, medications that I take to treat my migraine makes me sleepy in the morning and the cup of coffee helps me to wake up completely. Luckily, the treatment works perfectly and I get used to drinking coffee almost every morning again. However, unfortunately, sometimes I feel that I can trigger a migraine attack by drinking coffee and of course, I strongly prefer to refrain from it in this case. I have heard many times about caffeine-free coffee, but I had never tried it until I encountered it in grocery-store a week ago. It wasn't an Instant coffee, but ground coffee. Well, at least I didn't find any differences between this coffee and regular coffee. Its smell and taste were really good and I didn't feel the caffeine effect after drinking it. So for me, it is a great way to get my lovely cap of coffee each morning even if I feel that a migraine attack can be triggered.