Master Your Conversational Skills in Russian!

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Mar 8, 2019 02:08
I believe that you reach a high level of proficiency in a foreign language if you can mimic native speakers by proper usage of unnecessary elements of speech. So I would like to give an example of high level Russian that you will never hear from Russian teachers. Moreover, this element of speech can hardly be found on YouTube or in Russian movies but it is super common in all Russian dialogs, which are longer then few phrases. This element of speech is appropriate for uneducated hooligans (gopnics) as well as for people from Academia. An appealing thing is this is very easy to remember and use. Speaking with somebody, you just wait your turn to say and irrespective agree or disagree with what has just been said begin your answer with a negation particle нет or не. Then, say whatever you want to even if it is not a counterargument. I think that movie makers and You Tubers remove this element of speech from their dialogs because it sounds really weird even in Russian if you think a second more. However, Russian-speakers including me use this constantly. I am trying to avoid the unnecessary negation particles but from time to time and especially when I speak swiftly I hear myself beginning answers with не.