Hunting for Discounts.

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May 22, 2019 02:26
In one of my previous entries, I mentioned discounts system in Finnish grocery stores. Shortly, several days before the expiry date you can buy products at a 30% discount, but the discount converts from 30% to 60% after 09:00 pm each day. It is really profitable to buy meat and especially red fish using the system because the red fish are really expensive here. Yesterday evening I was at the nearest grocery store to my place after 09.00 pm so I looked through whether there are red fish at a discount and I didn't find it. However, at checkout, I saw that a man was going to buy several red fishes at the discount. Then, I decided to check it again and I found one red fish at the discount that was hidden under other fishes. Obviously, somebody hid it intentionally in order to buy it later, because the grocery store staff usually put items at a discount above all other items. I thought it was really funny.
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