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May 26, 2019 23:57
Due to the fact that I developed migraine when I was about seventeenth years old, and I'm a biologist as well, I know a lot about migraine. The last summer I've started a prophylactic treatment that can take several years or even entire life. Before I started it I developed 20-25 migraine attacks per month and now I develope only 2-3 attacks per a couple of months. Because of this background, I've started to notice that many of my acquaintances suffer by a migraine but often don't even know that it is a migraine. This is a really severe kind of headaches and if people don't have a correct diagnose they cannot use correct painkillers or start prophylactic treatment. It is really dangerous, especially if somebody suffers by migraine with an aura because it increases the risk of premature death by a stroke. Fortunately, I've never experienced the aura and my migraine always develop without it, but I know many people who struggle by migraine with aura. So I'm trying to tell to all my acquaintances and friends who struggle by the disease about necessity and possibility to treat it, increase the quality of life and decrease the risk of premature death.