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Sep 5, 2018 04:34
Before I started to prepare for the biology entrance examination I was intimidated by HIV and AIDS like most of the people. I even remember that I thought that I have HIV-infection when I was 14. Despite the fact that it was impossible to get it. It was a true phobia (irrational fear) caused by mass-media. I started to be interested in HIV/AIDS when I have passed the half of the first year of university education. I thought that it is the enigmatical virus and wanted to know why HIV-infection is incurable. Luckily, exactly at that moment, I have encountered an advertisement for a lecture about the HIV by the specialist studying HIV/AIDS. I remember the evening of the lecture clearly. It was a day of the half-year colloquium on chemistry and I haven't sleep at all. I've passed the colloquium successfully, it took about 6-7 hours. Eventually, I've been squeezed like a lemon, I just wanted to eat and sleep. But I couldn't miss this lecture, so I've decided to drink coffee and go there. It was amazing! I've internalized so many new facts about the HIV, the developing of AIDS, it's recent studies and of course about the unresolved problems. It was a crucially important event for me and my desition to become a scientist because the lecturer didn't teach us, he treated us as colleagues. I was jubilant. However, I wasn't a good student that evening. During the lecture, I fell asleep several times and at one time I started to fall from my chair and the guy next to me has caught me. It seems funny now but at that moment I struggled through the really exciting lecture. When I've tried to read my lecture's notes on the next day I found that I was trying to write even when sleeping. So my notes were almost in vain.