Lovely Food.

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Sep 29, 2019 23:18
A colleague of mine cooked delicious charlotte with apple for our last lab coffee break. Frankly, I am not fond of cooking, especially baking desserts. Moreover, I don't like oven-cooked desserts, except charlotte. My Russian girlfriend has cooked charlotte with apple many times and she served it hot with vanilla icecream. I cannot imagine anything more delicious! However, even cold charlotte and without icecream made me so happy.
By the way, I noticed that I've started to think about food a lot. I'm not sure what was the reason. I'm getting older, I suppose. For example, I've been dreaming about self-made pelmeni. I have a plan to cook it as soon as possible, but unfortunately, my freezer is really small, so I cannot cook many pelmenis and then freeze them. When I was a child in my home city we always made many-many pelmenis with all our family including grandmother and grandfather and then froze them for the future. We ate them for months then! This is one of my favorite tastes from my childhood.