The Doomsday

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Aug 16, 2019 20:10
I came across a video featuring the recent past when, according to some Mayan prophecies, the doomsday should have happened. In Moscow, in a while before that date, crafty businessmen started selling tickets to a radioactivity-proved bunker, which was placed 60 meters under the ground. The ticket price was dissent for ordinary Russians and was equal to 22867 dollars so they were affordable only for the rich. Unexpectedly, all tickets were sold out. Such economical actions say poorly for the mental abilities of those people. It is clear that money does not represent any consumer value on its own. They make sense only when there are lots of people who agree to act according to common laws; when a person with less amount of money is subservient to a person with more money. In the present world, this is represented in the necessity of selling a worker’s single commodity – labor. If the doomsday had happened, money would have cost nothing. Even hundreds of people secured in a bunker would immediately break the system after the doomsday. If you had had two million less before the doomsday event you definitely would have not wanted to be subservient to a counterpart who had had two million more. To sum up, if the businessmen had been certain about the reality of the doomsday, they would have never sold tickets then at least for money, and vice versa, it is stupid to buy these tickets for costumers. The only possible explanation for this trade-off that they tried to deceive each other, but, at this point, this explanation become too convoluted.
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