State-funded Healthcare vs. Private-funded Healthcare

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Oct 11, 2018 01:35
"Some people think that health care is a basic human necessity that should not be provided by private companies but should be provided by the state.
Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of health care being provided by the private sector."

I strongly believe that health care should be provided by the state only. That is governments are needed for. But in real life politics prefer to get a power and money and delegate all responsible to someone, for instance, to the private companies. However, there are the countries with the state-funded health care accessible for the all residence, for example, Germany and Finland.

In the country I live in there are both private and state-funded health care. In my home country, health care that is provided by the state is really bad and accessible for the residence of the big cities only in the fact. In most cases, I prefer private healthcare because it is a better way to avoid the long queues and get all the procedures and tests quickly. So the main advantage of private healthcare in my home country is that it is more convenient. However, there are many severe diseases that can be cured in the state-funded clinics exclusively. It means that the main disadvantage of private healthcare in my home country is that the treatment of some diseases can’t be covered by it.

In general, it strikes me that the disadvantage of private healthcare is that it is more difficult to control it and regulate it by the law. The main advantage is that the quality of healthcare that is provided by private companies can be regulated by the concurrence of the market. Anyway, I believe that it is better for the counties to develop high-quality state-funded healthcare systems.