Creationism vs Evolution

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Nov 7, 2018 18:13
I used to like to watch videos of debates of the creationists and evolutionists during the first several years of my university education because before I entered the university I had started to feel that I understand how evolution works and why. So, creationists and other people who denied the evolution seemed really stupid to me. After that period I gave up a habit to watch popular science videos and debates about evolution since I didn't have time for it and I wasn't interested in it anymore. However recently while I was searching some interesting YouTube video focused on the biology, I've stumbled upon the debate of the Russian bioinformatician and American creationist. The video's legend says that American creationist is the doctor of philosophy, that's why I decided that it can be interesting debates. I used to think that the philosophers are clever guys. I just cannot explain who much disappointed I was by this debates. The creationist was definitely stupid and used totally hackneyed arguments. All of these arguments just do not add up and all of them ware disproved many times. The bioinformatician was pretty good and, obviously, he was disappointed either. He told about several interesting examples of the gene evolution that I've never heard before. After watching the debates I decided to find and watch a debate of Richard Dawkins and a certain philosopher from Cambridge University. Frankly speaking, I do not like Richard Dawkins very much, but there are several interesting documental films about the history of evolutionary biology with him. So, I started to watch this debates but I haven't finished yet. Now I just can say that this debate pretty better while English is more difficult to understand.