My Thoughts on the Chernobyl TV Series.

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Jul 12, 2019 18:07
My Thoughts on the Chernobyl TV Series.

A quarrel has happened on the Russian-speaking internet since the Chernobyl TV series became available online. Some people say that it is a hateful liable against the USSR while others consider it as a sort of Soviet apologetics. On the flip side, both of them agree that it has a high artistic value. I have heard that the Chernobyl’s director indented to perpetuate the heroism of people liquidated the Chernobyl accident and show the state as a totalitarian hell with the retarded ruling party and villain KGB. Hah, I would like to see him watching the same accident happened several years later after the fall of the USSR in modern democratic Russia. The casualties would have been manifold compared to the real ones reaching millions of people due to the dilapidated infrastructure and public services such as the army, police, medicine, etc. However, I would like to share my thoughts on one artistic aspect. The characters of Soviet officials often appeal to suffering as the grounding of Russian life and they use this to prompt workers to go on a suicide mission. Well, maybe suffering is a significant part of Russian life, but we never go for philosophical conversations and reasoning about this. We just whine and find everything wrong and corrupted. I think that Chernobyl’s producers just read too much of insane Dostoevsky’s philosophy and took it as an agenda of ordinary Russian communication.

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