My Female Thoughts on Feminism in Movies

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Jan 11, 2020 22:29
I am not biased against social justice and feminism in particular especially when it comes to the equality of sexes. For example, I found the wide establishment of parental leaves for both parents on a proportional basis to be progressive. Most of its history, the feminism movement went together with the socialist movement borrowing its political agenda but emphasizing female problems: suffrage rights, equal working conditions, aborts, etc. Although socialism has been ground to nothing all over the world, feminism has managed to survive as versatile movements mutated into liberal and radical forms. Like most other people, I am exposed to that new wave feminism, which, in certain important aspects, casts long shadows on what has been done by the old-generations of feminists. Here, I would like to express my views on one display of feminism in recent Hollywood movies, especially in comedies. Good examples are 2016 Ghostbusters and Men in Black: International. In those movies, women are presented as main characters and drivers of the story while males are exaggeratedly inept and sexually objectified. That is a clear reference to a plethora of older sexist movies where females were stupid and objectified. So my guess is that turning upside down was conceived as some sort of irony. However, I find that approach unfunny, flat, and not even original. Needless to say, that it lies far from integrity practice. For some reason, Hollywood reproduces a gender-based hierarchy when somebody should be subservient and objectified.
Meanwhile, my favorite female character is Ellen Ripley from the Alien film series. She is resilient and smart and looks like a real person, not a fashion model. I think she can be a good role model for children of both sexes. At the same time, males are not shown there as simple-minded nincompoops just because they are males. I think that such an attitude implemented in movies could have been more effective in the equalization of people of both sexes than what is currently being practiced. As it is now, it just irritates a lot of people of both sexes and prompts radical sexists from both sides to express their hatred out loud.