Perfect tense

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Aug 5, 2019 15:58
I hope I'm not so bad at using Perfect tenses, but I still have several questions regarding them. One my Russian colleague taught me that it is necessary to use Perfect tense in an academic email conversation when saying that a file is attached: "The file fas been attached"/"I have attached the file". He claimed that the sentences: "The file is attached"/"I attached the file" are completely incorrect. He argued that the verb in the Past Simple form is in an imperfect form that implies that I did something sometime in the past. While perfect form implies that I finished the action and the interlocutor can download the file as a result.

Based on my current knowledge I believe that past simple can be used in the situation. Moreover, it seems to me that such an understanding of the difference between Past Simple and Present Perfect is incorrect. But I cannot be sure that I'm right and I'm still confused what tense is better to be used in the situation.