Dunno on the Moon

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May 16, 2019 18:31
Dunno on the Moon is a good Soviet book by Nikolay Nosov. It is tailored for children, so the language is simplified, which makes it a perfect learning material in studying Russian. There is also a cartton based on this book. The story plot is about Dunno, a person of the Shorty folk. The Shorty folk is harbored by Flower City. Judging by Nosov’s story, this city is communist anarchist. Some other cities inhabited by Shorty people live according to centralized communism with clear administer hierarchy. In this particular book, Dunno finds a moon rock, a piece of moon mineral which is able to levitate. Scientists of Flower City take this rock away because Dunno is unqualified, arrogant and at the same time excessively active like Ivan the Fool, a famous character of Russian folklore. The scientists build a spaceship to test a hypothesis of the inhabited Moon. Being irrepressible, Dunno sneaks into the spaceship before its departure and launches it by mistake. He manages to land on the Moon and finds there another city with Shorty folks but they live in capitalism. Their society bears all inalienable birthmarks of capitalism such as unemployment, social stratification, over-exploitation of resources, etc. However, all these negative features are exacerbated so this city become grotesque. Simultaneously, it lacks all positive things about capitalism like products galore. Because of that, Nosov was blamed that he produced some Soviet propaganda to brain-wash kids. The funniest thing is that after the fall of the USSR, Russian authorities follow this book literally in building the state as it was the Russian constitution. Quite recently, a guy posted on his social media page a direct citation from this book about Moon City. Unfortunately for him, Russian officials took it seriously as the criticism of modern Russia and charged him in extremism.