Thanks to Everyone!

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Feb 11, 2019 22:31
I have not posted here for a while because I took an English test two weeks ago. I have received my results, which suggest that my level of proficiency in English allows me to study in Finnish universities. The result says that I am advanced, which is an obvious exaggeration. I think that my English is upper intermediate. Often, especially when I am tired, I make really stupid mistakes in writing and speaking. On the flip side, it instigates me to continue studying English. Not being a polyglot, I started to find many aspects of learning English enticing. The father I learn it, the more features of grammar I find overwhelmingly similar to Russian. Russian and English cognates in a basic vocabulary are even more stunning. Do you know that the verb “bode” is a cognate of the Russian verb “будить”? They both originate from the Proto-Indo-European root “bheudh-”. By the way, Buddha, an awakened one, is also their cognate. Anyway, I do appreciate the help of all lang-8 users who spent their time to correct my English entries. Without you, I would never manage to enter a Finnish postgrad in Biology