Humble Seafarers

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Sep 26, 2018 02:42
I am trying to move abroad to continue my academic route in more suitable working conditions. Recently, I have been struggling through the process of application for a residence permit to a certain Nordic country. Having had an unpleasant experience of communicating with Russian officials, I thought that the interview with officials at an embassy will be tough. Fortunately, there I met a very nice lady looking like a stereotyped Nordic woman. I believe that hundreds of years ago such women in Scandinavia were waiting for the returning of their husbands – Vikings, humble seafarers, as they might call themselves sometimes. Did you know that the most believable version of the origin of the name Russia is rooted here? As far as I know, seagoing Vikings had their own trademark name “robs”, which is originated from their native language. Slavs and Finns encountering this word modified it to “Ruotsi, Roots, Rotsi” in Finnish and “Rus’” in Eastern-Slavic. The first ruler dynasty of Russia was Rurikids, who were descendants of one Viking, called Rurik, who is known to be the first of ruler of Rus’. Later Rus’ has transformed to Rus(s)ia.
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