Wisdom teeth.

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Jun 8, 2019 21:24
My relationship with my wisdom teeth always has been difficult. There was no space in my lower jaws for them, so soft tissues above the teeth in the lower jaw were constantly inflamed. Several years ago my mam forced me to remove one of my lower wisdom teeth that inflamed just before a long paleontological expedition on the Olkhon island that was located in the Baikal lake. It was really dangerous to go to the Island with the inflamed tooth because it was extremely difficult to get medical care there. Based on reviews, my mam found a dentist in a Russian private clinic who specialized in removing wisdom teeth. The removing procedure was completely fine but, unfortunately, during the recovery period, I developed a complication. Soft tissue edema caused neuralgia of the mandibular branch of the trigeminal nerve. It was the most extreme pain that I've ever experienced. So the recovery took much longer then we supposed.

I always knew that it was necessary to remove all my wisdom teeth because the chronicle inflammation was not good for my health and could cause multiple problems. However, I always postponed it because of my hard experience. Then, my dentist in Finland booked a time for me to remove one of my wisdom teeth that didn't have an antagonist anymore. The dentist who supposed to manage with it was a specialist in procedures like this. I was calm and peaceful before the procedure because I knew that the removing of the upper wisdom teeth is not difficult and painful. But the dentist prepared a surprise to me. When I came he said that that day he was going to remove all my wisdom teeth remained including the lower one. I was really scared, but the dentist proved to me that it was much better for me to solve the problem as soon as possible. It was also a great possibility to avoid taking drugs such as antibiotics and painkillers many times after the removing of each tooth. When I calmed down I realized that he was completely right. The procedure was comfortable, fast and painless. The dentist was satisfied and said that I was going to recover fast and it wasn't even necessary to take a treatment with antibiotics. It was only two days ago and I can conclude that I didn't feel any severe pain even when anesthesia had worn out. I didn't skip working day after the procedure because I felt great. I still have weak edema and feel really weak pain when eating, but it is absolutely tolerable and painkillers aren't needed. I'm so happy that I can forget about the problem that has followed me since my sixteen.