"Miracle on the Hudson" with A320 in 2009, "Miracle on a cornfield" with A321 in 2019.

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Aug 25, 2019 18:04
Russian pilots from a domestic Russian airline have recently landed Airbus a321 on a cornfield safely. I guess everybody has already heard about the accident that has just happened in the Moscow area. As chronic aerophobic, I was totally amazed by the emergency landing that the crew managed successfully. I watched all the interviews of the crew, and videos that were recorded by the passengers over and over again and imagined that I was there. I feel so much happy when accidents with aircraft do not lead to anyone's death because as far as I understand, it is impossible to avoid any accidents in aviation, however, it is possible to train pilots and other crew members how to save their and passenger's lives.

When I calmed down, I started to read comments under YouTube videos with Russian and English-speaking reportages about the accident. I noted the comments reflect the social problems of the communities. Thus, most Russian comments are about many landfills that are around Moscow and that there is some close to the airport area as well. Obviously, it could lead to the presence of seagulls at the runway strip. Landfills and consequences of the landfill's location near to the cities are urgent problems that underlie social conflict today in Russia. Belong English-speaking comments I found a lot about the safety of Airbus aircraft and unsafety of American made aircraft including Boing 737 Max.

I don't think the idea that people always evaluate everything through the prism of their problems is new. However, I'm impressed by such a strong illustration.