The Moscow Metropolitan

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Aug 30, 2018 03:21
I live in Moscow the most part of my life and of course, I often use the metropolitan. There was a period when I joked often that the metro is my second home. It was during my first three years of the university studying. I used to think that the Moscow metropolitan is the most beautiful, safe and convenient in the whole world. With the time my migraine had been developed so I had become sensitive to noise, poor lighting, and heat. Since that time every trip in the Moscow metropolitan become a torture for me. Now I can't see the beautiful mosaics, sculptures, and paintings. I only see the old trains, hear an awful noise and feel an unbearable stuffiness. I have started to use earplugs and I always try to have enough water to deal with the stuffiness. I also try to get into rare modern trains with the noise insulation, bright light, and air conditioners. Some days I can miss for about five trains, waiting for a comfortable one. There is one more obvious disadvantage of the Moscow metropolitan. All old stations do not have elevators and appliances for the disabled. So, I have to climb the ladder even when I have a migraine attack.