This morning I twisted my left ankle playing basketball, as a conse...

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Feb 15, 2018 01:05
This morning I twisted my left ankle playing basketball, as a consequence of that it’s swollen and painfull right now. I'm thinking I need to go to the hospital in order to check it up. This is my second time I hurt my left ankle and remembering the first time experience I’m becoming to feel down.

The first time was awful, I was almost three months using crutches. It was going to be for one month but there were complications in the rehab and it became longer. I learnt something from that time. I will need to focus in recovery my body balance after reducing the swelling.

Your foot can look nice but immobilizing it for so long time can affect the way you walk, you have an internal system which advise you how to walk automatically, I mean you don’t have to think how and where put the foot in the next step, you are doing this automatically thank to your proprioception system. When you stop walking for so long time besides losing muscle mass you are losing accuracy in your propioception system. As a result of that you can walk improperly and after a time become to suffer pains in other places in your body as back, hips and so on as a result of walking unbalanced. Focus on this can avoid you future problems.