I get a good job

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Jun 14, 2018 15:22
Hi everyone .My English name is Timothy .You can call me Tim. I'm a software developer. I like eating food ,travel , do execies and playing games . Now I want to share a story about me .
Fortunately I got a good job on September last year .The company name is Deloitte and the it's a America company .So the staff usually need to speak English .That was so difficult for me and made me upset .I realized that I need do sth to improve my English ability to speak and I used many methods to do it .But it's not work . My English is still bad .
But now , I applied a English training class .It spend me so much money. haha~
I want to meet some friends who want to improve your Chinese . We can study together !
嗨,大家好。我的英文名字是Timothy。你们可以叫我Tim。我是一名软件开发。我喜 欢美食,旅行,锻炼 和玩游戏。现在我想分享一个关于我的故事。