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Aug 23, 2011 00:38
Today I took myself off to go to the bank and handle something there. However, seems like today is not my day, I couldn't watch TV and surf the internet until 18:00! The cable company told me they had some problems...And the worse, today is Monday! All libraries don't open in Monday! I had no idea where I should go, so I cleaned my room. hmmm, and then I found a card which I took one years ago, a fortune teller's name card. Guess what? I had my fortune told this afternoon.

I remembered what she told me when the first time I went there, it was fucking amazing! I didn't tell her anything and she asked me, "does he live in another country? ", "Has there another girl between you too?", damn! my friend and I were scared by what she said. Incredible!

Still unbelievible! She told me the truth, but I am not happy to hear that. Such as I still can not forget him, sometimes I will figure it out and then I will think of it again. Be active! That's only the right way to move on for me although it's a big problem to me. lol What I can do is stop talking to him, and don't try to make a boyfriend soon. Btw, I met a good guy laterly but I heard he has a girlfriend. I think I should be forcused on my job. haha

Though having the fortune told is a bit silly, I know my own problems all the time, I just want to hear another's advises. I hope everything will be okay, and I will know what I want.
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