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Jul 11, 2011 23:32
Yesterday, I was in a hurry to meet a friend at MRT station. After I ran to the train and the train's door closed, I found one thing embarrasing, or I should say it was funny.- Something on my cell phone lost.

Look at the picture, it's a completely "NORMAL" cellphone, but what I lost was above the keyboard...I was late but I couldn't press any buttons, even worse, my friend called me at that moment. I found my key and tried to press the connect button. Unfortunately, I made a big mistake when I was totally flurried, I pressed the mute button. Train was running, my friend was calling me, she was at the next stop, and I couldn't pick her phone call up! What the hell! However, guess what, I picked her phone in the last second. God bless me!I was so stupid, and I am smiling now when I thought of it.

I almost forgot talking about the topic-Smartphones.XD I do not like smart phones, although they're fun and have many foundations. The main reason is I am a rude person, I dropped my cellphone many times. lol For me, the cellphones are just one way to connect with people. And another reason is I don't like touch panel.

I am worried about the news of the recession hits Nokia, I am a big fan of Nokia, the king of the basic cellphones which could stand falling several times.