Education in China

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Jun 9, 2018 04:55
In China, due to the special Chinese characteristics, we have an education system totally opposite to which in western countries. Most students, more than 99%, I would say, go to public schools. You will hardly find any private schools in china, if there are any, they are established for a particular teaching purpose, such as these for the disabled. So the thing is that public schools own the best educational resources. But just because everyone goes to public schools doesn’t mean they have the absolutely equal opportunities to access these resources.
I was born and raised up in a tiny city in the middle of China. Children like me, we have barely attended any art or musical classes all through my life. After the senior year in high school, almost everyone takes part in the “College Entrance Examination”, which is known to the world for its equality and its surprising amount of candidates.
The number of students who participate in the test reached its peak of approximately 10 million in 2008. It is a test organized only once a year and you can never underestimate its influence on the rest of your life.
After being enrolled into college, I started to realize how great the difference can be between poor students like me and these who grow up in a wealthy family. Students in Beijing, for instance, would have attended dozens of part-time interest courses outside public school before they attended the final examination. They dance well, they play piano, they speak English fluently, they even probably know how to appreciate a western classic painting. They know much and they think big. Me, the younger me was only immersed in my tons of exercise papers and had no notion about this world at all. We finally entered into the same college while I scored much higher than them because of the different enrollment benchmarks (It requires just lower scores for them because they don’t spend as much time as we do in school).
Anyway, I’m quite grateful to the examination since it has given me the opportunity to realize my college dream. After graduating from college, I chose to pursuit my master’s and I made it. One’s life can never be determined by others, but by oneself.