A letter to Mr. Lee

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Jun 8, 2018 04:48
Dear Mr. Lee,
I’m writing to tell you about the increasingly serious air pollution in my area. I’m a college student, living in the suburban, where there are a few power plants, which let off tons of wasted air without any filter instruments. For habitants here, putting a mask before going out is a part of everyday life. According to air pollution protection experts, unfiltered wasted air can be strongly toxic and can lead to lung cancer.
I have organized a volunteer group in my college called “Blue Sky”. We have designed and printed hundreds of posters. we allocate them to most communities here to let people know the negative outcomes of living in polluted air.
Next, we cooperate with local government, especially the environment protection administration, the representatives of habitants and the media to urge these power plants to adopt proper measures to reduce and eventually eliminate the disturbing air pollution.