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Testimonials from My Friends

She's the best :). I'd like to correct more of her work but loads of people seem to have already -_-. But thanks for everything XD Sakura! You're always giving me great feedback; it brings a tear to my eye :')
❀❀Sakura❀❀ is THE BEST! She brought me to tears when she corrected my own "Statement of Purpose" entry because I was so desperate around that time since I was running on a deadline. She makes me Happy in so many ways that I cannot express. She is so helpful and very passionate and dedicated in what she works on. Her corrections are error-less and on point. She also has a very kind and caring personality. She's very hard working and extremely generous in sharing her knowledge on languages and sacrifices her precious time to correct entries on Lang-8. I love her so much! :D Thank you for all you have done. I wish you all the best on your future endeavors, Sakura!! Xx :D ❀❀Sakura❀❀ さん最高!!!!!!!!!!!!^_^ 笑
sakura-san is just so helpful with the guidance given. I can't thank her enough.
Sakura writes interesting entries in both English and Japanese. She also provides splendid corrections. I'm really grateful to have a friend like Sakura. Thank you!
I have only been here a short while on Lang-8, but I can already attest to how helpful sakura's corrections are. All the above comments are on point too. Thank you for correcting our entries!