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Mar 1, 2016 03:28
If you know, your friend's hobby is a video game. What do you think?

I not use English for work so I might don't have to learning English. However I'm learnig English that's the reason why I like English. When I was writing in my diary, I really fun.
When I was coverstion with someone Japanese. I said " 今、英語を勉強してます(I'm learning English)" then " なんで?(Why reason?) 仕事で必要なんですか?( You have to use English for work?)" by someone. Then I thought I'm weird? so recently I has been in secret
Why do you ask for reason only language study. If I into a video game, you not ask to me why reason.

Today, It's just a five month. Since I started Lang-8. I wonder what my English for a five years later will be well? I might get tired of it. haha.



今日でランゲートを始めて5か月になりました。5年後、僕の英語はどうなってるかな? もしかしたら飽きてるかもね(笑)