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May 21, 2019 22:51
It has been discussed many times, inside intellectual circles, the role that music plays in our society. Some scholars claim a major presence in daily lives due to its therapeutic benefits, whereas others have been arguing in favour of a strong presence of music in all education levels but, above all, in primary and secondary school.

As Bono, the mythic singer of U2, said once, “music is able to change the world because it is able to change people”. This sentence highlights music in terms of sensibility and its social value, but music offers much more possibilities. For instance, by studying the musical composition we can even to analyse the world in the same way that a mathematician does it. Only by deciphering each note you can understand the whole.

For this last is important the role of music in primary and secondary school, because it allows improving the learning of other signatures thanks to the analytical experience of music. Thus, you can shred the whole and get the important thing, the most precious, needed and beautiful thing. In this way, we are making a society based on attracting beauty and, therefore, enriching people´s lives.

All in all, it has become clear the importance of music and it should be present in our houses too. A musical sensibility develops, not born with it, and parents should enhance its practice since we are babies.
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