Making Sentences

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Mar 23, 2019 16:48
Making Sentences

The weather is really weird last few days, it jumped to 86 Fahrenheit degree a couple of days ago and fell to 50 today.
The girl comforted her boyfriend after his debacle.
The headlines on the newspapaers are all about Trump these days.
He deferred the press conference after the bad news came.
I asked for a refund because it was a inferior product.
Hitler put Soviets into slavers after his conquest of the east part of the Soviet Union.
Solar energy is a type of clean energy.
The mayor had pledged that he would sue the company for its polution but he has never taken any action.
Chinese tourists' vulgar behavior has got a lots of critics all around the world.
Insomnia is a common condition amongst Chinese metropolitan.
He managed to reach the finishing line before the dawn.
At the end of his performance, everyone stood up and gave applause.
Pro-Trump is the mainstream in this small town.
I got mad when he rambled on and on.
Dozens of people drown after the ferry wrecked.
He sold his house in Hongkong and bought a ranch in Australian.
I must do several groups of workouts to enhance my joints everyday so I will not hurt them when I am riding the mountain bike.
I went to the hall on the assumption that he would be there.
The hermit living in the woods is a Harvard.
My friend will pick up me at the depot.
In gongfu stories, the caretaker is always a reclusive swordman.