Making Sentences

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Mar 22, 2019 12:24
Making Sentences

1. Living in a ranch is wonderful.
2. His mission is to develope the African market.
3. The company estimated that it's a 10 million case.
4. Most parents put a limit on how long children can play game each day.
5. She accelerated after passed the crossroad.
6. His disappointment was apparent from his blank face.
7. Society needs more and more caretakers in a aging era.
8. He sneezes a lot in Spring due to his chronic rhinitis.
9. The senior people are wary of free travel because a lots of them were cheated by this trick.
10. The noise impairs my ability of concentration.
11. The lightning and the subsequent thunder scared the children.
12. He shot at the basket but missed and the ball bounced away.
13. I would prefer orange than grapefruit at breakfast.
14. The family is still in its dilemma and don't know what to do.
15. I'm a hiker and an optimist.
16. Mary didn't recognize him when he wore his disguise.
17. The airplane's crush is tragic but also the misconduct of Boeing.
18. I prefer IMAX because it's more sensory.
19. I signaled to turn left.
20. Children are prone to flu than grown-ups.