Without hard work, China economy wouldn't have boomed !

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Apr 23, 2019 01:17
Without hard work, China economy wouldn't have boomed !

The Chinese young generation begins an anti-996 campaign on the Internet.
The 996 means working 12 hours per day and 6 days per week which is common in the large Chinese companies, especial in the high tech conglomerates such as Alibaba, Tencent, etc.
It's interesting.
When I began my career as an engineer in ChinaMobile, I was working around the clock.
In those days,a telephone was rare in an average family, and the mobile phone was a luxury only the higher class could showoff.
As one of a few young people who were the first group of students studying the latest telecom technologies in the universities, there was no time left to rest when there were so many high tech equipments should be installed, updated, and maintained ASAP.
And if there was, I had to study new technologies which seemed to be upgraded to the next stage everyday.
The hard work paid off.
I saw an advanced telecommunication network has been established which I was one of thousands erectors.
I have had a very successful career as a pretigious telecom and IT consultant.
Now we are living in a mobile era, everyone has a mobile phone.
It likes a fairy tale if you tell a new generation who has used to the convenience of a cell phone that a mobile phone number ( not a mobile phone ) will cost 10,000 Yuan / US$1,500, and an ancient Motorola cell phone will cost another 10,000 Yuan / US$1,500, but was the reality just two decades ago.
How can we achieve this wonder without hard work?
If Alibaba and Tencent implement 9-5 working day, how long can they keep their advantage in productivity and competitiveness?
Without diligence, Chinese companies will lose their competitiveness and the employees will lose their well-paid jobs.