Making Sentences

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Mar 30, 2019 12:06
Making Sentences

The noise from a nearby construction site makes his life a misery.
Mail has been out of date in the internet era.
The earthworm lives underground.
Roses and chocolates are common valentine gifts.
It's really rude if you don't cover your mouth when you are sneezing.
A weary driver is prone to accident.
A janitor is using a broom to sweep the leftovers on the ground.
This island was a territory of the UK but became independent after WWII.
I devote 4 hours a day to learning vocabulary.
I dedicate myself to translation.
The cross-border online shoppers are benefitted from the stronger Chinese currency.
This malfunction has been coming up frequently, we must find out what's wrong.
I saw the beautiful coral was dying when I was diving at Maldive.
He got a promotion and is supervising the whole project now.
5000 Yuan in cash is neccesary to travel to Thailand even if you have credit cards or international debt cards, or you will be deported.
This flu is caused by virus so antibiotics are useless.
A good cook needs some good seasoning.
The parents felt sorrow when their child went to college.
This species of bug is rare.
That company is planing to mine on an asteroid.