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Feb 14, 2018 12:47 Japan son
The other day my family and I went ice-skating.

Having skated on her roller skates back at home, my daughter Tomoka was very good at skating. I raced against her, and no matter fast I skated, she caught up. The other daughter Haruka was skating for the second time, and skated slowly.

My son Yuta skated for the very first time, and he held onto my arm in the beginning. In an hour or so, however, he started skating all by himself. (Looking like a penguin's toddling, though)

When Yuta and I were taking a short break on a bench, Tomoka came up and asked how Yuta was doing. I told her that he was a quick learner and had started to skate all by himself already.
Yuta then grinned and said to her, "Go tell Mommy and Haruka that I am skating all by myself."