It's All About Semantic

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Jan 11, 2020 23:43 よもやま話 ニュース 英語学習 ことばの話
I recommend this episode of a podcast called "Bilingual News" for native Japanese speakers who are learning English or for native English speakers who are learning Japanese. (Don't worry. Not "explicit" this time. :p)

Episode 394: Special Edition, December 26, 2019 (Please scroll down and find the episode 394)

Their talks around 00:27:52 and after was interesting.
It is very ironic and interesting that languages, i.e. definitions of words provoke arguments and divide us even though language is essential for everybody to live in the societies. It's all about how you define the fact and name it. Like Mami said in the podcast, it's absurd to fight each other from the reason of what you define is different from others' definitions.
394. 特別編 ニュース 12.26.19