studying Japanese language as a Korean

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Jan 11, 2018 08:24
There are pros and cons of studying Japanese as a Korean.

The best thing is that Japanese and Korean have the same order of sentences. In English, subject comes the first, then verb comes, and object comes at last. But in Japanese and Korean, subject, object, verb is the order of sentences.

Secondly, both languages have postpositions. I think Koreans have advantages in understanding postpositions.

Thirdly, it is comparatively easy to understand the meaning of Chinese characters in Japanese. Korea belongs to the culture of Chinese characters, even though we do not use it directly.

Fourthly, Korea and Japan have a lot of cultural similarities. There are no corresponding English words of senpai(先輩), sueko(末っ子), aikyou(愛嬌), etc. But I can understand what these mean exactly cause we have the same words.

But, Japanese is a foreign language, and it is still difficult to learn.

The thing pisses me off the most is that Chinese charaters in Japanese have average 3~4 pronunciations, up to 10 respectively. We have to memorize them all. Can you imagine it? The character "紅" can be read "kou", "ku", "gu", "beni", "kurenai". When we encounter words we have never seen before, we can't even guess how it will be pronounced. General phonetics don't work in Japanese language. We have to memorize the pronunciation of every word. It's really challenging, because I have been accustomed to the system of Hangul(Korean alphabet) and alphabet.

Koreans who live in Japan or want to get a job in Japan may have more difficulties, something like using the honorific(it's super difficult), pronunciation, accent, etc. But I don't care about these seriously cause I live in Korea and learn Japanese for fun.

For me, 99% of difficulty in learning Japanese is to memorize vocabulary. I think when I memorize one word, I forget another word. Zero-sum game. But I will keep memorizing anyway.
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