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May 18, 2018 03:28
I didn't write for a long ago. I haven't been time to practice the languages. I passed the exams in French and in Swedish and I have been negligent of them unfortunately. But I have the cause because I will get married. Of course, I organize all with help of my mom. I am very excited and I wait for the big day. The things are going on well.
I am going to go the fitting on Saturday. I believed for a long time that we will not going to wedding-trip. But finally, my fiance allowed of the thing and we will travel. I am very happy!
More than 12 years ago we are together and now first we will go on holiday to abroad. In January we have been to ski, then has been first one week vacation.
Thé destination will is Crete, I payed already the traveling expenses.
It is not cheap, but once is wedding-trip. We have it coming.
Circa we will be 75 People for wedding because many people canceled the invitation but the ceremony will be circa 100 guests.
I think that party will be very good.
I hope the weather will be cool!
I learned alone the English language, I know that I must to excercise and learn yet.