Anime and Motorcycles

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Apr 5, 2016 20:48
I like watching anime and reading manga.I'm fond of Aoharu×Machinegun,Detective Conan especially,but I think it is not good thing to read only my favorite contents.So I'm going to watch new anime aired on Japanese television since this month.For example,Bungo Straydogs,Tanaka kun ha Itsumo Kedaruge,Bakuon!…
My father likes motercycles and guns.I have a lisense of scooter(lower 50cc) too.Bakuon is anime that girls love motercycle,but teenager can't ride 2 people on bicycles by low in Japan.I don't know about Bakuon,my father has manga.I think my father has to watch this anime.I'm going to watch this,and borrow his manga.
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