Long time no see!I didn't write here recently.

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Feb 11, 2016 21:59
Long time no see!I didn't write here recently.I write here what happened yesterday and today.
I couldn't drive a car at 9:00 am on yesterday.I overlooked oncoming cars and conflict crubs on the road.The test is hold on Friday,you'll be not able to pass it,the over_familiar and infitile teacher said.I felt very sad because I must go out the driving school if I can't pass the test within 3 months.I've failed the test 2 times.However,during reading the book I was getting cool.And I progressed the technique of driving.He praised me that.I was getting angry his attitude but I was changing the thinking for him.
My driving technique was getting terrible today.I might be tired.The test is held tomorrow.I'll fall sleep with worrying about it…